The CA Number is a unique identification number that serves as evidence of motor carrier registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is a record in an electronic record system containing the safety experience of a specific motor carrier. The California Highway Patrol is responsible for regulating the safe operation of motor carriers traveling across the state highway of Sections 34500 and 34601 of the Vehicle Code.

The California Highway Patrol takes legal action against vehicles that violate the state highway safety regulations and other enforcement. They check the speed of motor carriers, respond to accidents and emergencies. It allow them to accurately identify motor carriers that violate the regulations without inappropriately including other entities. It also enables them to correctly attribute information to motor carriers who are responsible for it.

How Global Multi services can help you TO obtain CA Number?

The CA Number is issued exclusively by the California Highway Patrol through the Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. This applicant must register and complete a Motor Carrier Profile and mail it to the department or hand-carry it to their closest California Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Safety Unit. Additionally, motor carriers must first register for a Motor Carrier Permit to obtain the CA#.

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