MCS 150

Trucking companies are required to obtain a  USDOT number before they can operate as commercial motor carriers and the information associated with the USDOT number must be updated every year. This is done by filing for the MCS-150 updates. The MCS-150 form gives the government the current information on your trucking company and motor carriers.

The update ensures all the data related to your USDOT number is accurate and recent. It is important to note that in some states the update is done every year as part of the requirement for renewing motor carrier registration. Trucking companies are also required to update the form even if nothing has changed in their business information.

How Global Multi Services Help YOU?

The best way to file for the MCS-150 update is to let Global Multi Services relieve you of all the process stress by doing all the processing for you. We will help your company stay compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What IS MCS-150 Form?

The Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCS-150) is a form filed by trucking companies to update their USDOT number or re-apply for USDOT number after revocation. The form provides the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with detailed information about your operation. Submitting old or incorrect MCS-150 information can lead to penalties that can affect your business. These include deactivation of USDOT number, bad safety performance score, fine up to  $1,000, and many more.

When To File MCS-150 Form?

The year for filing the MCS-150 update depends on the second last digit of your USDOT Number and the month depends on the last digit of your USDOT Number. If the last digit of your USDOT Number is an odd number, it means you will file for your update every odd-numbered year and if it is even, you will file for your update every even-numbered year.

How To File?

The first way to file for your MCS-150 update is by completing and submitting the form online on the FMCSA Online Registration System. Your USDOT Number will be updated once your application is processed. FMCSA also requires you to print the updated copy of your MCS-150 report for your records.

The  MCS-150 updates can also be filed by mail or fax. All you need to do is to mail all requested documents to their office but the processing time often takes between four to six weeks. Once the processing is complete, your USDOT Number will be updated.