The EPN Number (Employer Pull Notice) is a program that enables commercial and government organizations to track the driving records of employees who drive for them. By monitoring their driving records, organizations ensure that each driver has a valid license and other required documents.

Employers who enroll in the EPN program receive a requester code and include it in the DL record of the employee. When the DL is updated, the activities and actions of the driver are listed.

How Global Multi Services Help You To Obtain EPN Number?

Global Multi Services is a trusted transportation expert for many years. We work side-by-side with you to make sure your business is our business and focus on keeping your drivers compliant on the road. Our experts will help you process and obtain the EPN Number. Without lifting a finger. We pride ourselves on speed and precision, as we know your business is your livelihood.

Who Is Eligible To Enroll On EPN?

  • A trucking company that claims Limited Liability Company and its drivers require a Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Individuals with two or more motor carriers and some of them require the driver/s to hold a Commercial Driver’s License.
  • A trucking company that claims Corporation or Partnership and its drivers require a Commercial Driver’s License.

Importance of EPN

  • It improves truck drivers and other drivers’ safety.
  • It makes the company stay in compliance.
  • It Assists in decreasing the company’s liability.
  • It proves if drivers have a valid driver’s license.
  • It exposes hazardous drivers and bad driving behavior.
  • It decreases traffic accidents and injury