The State of Kentucky is one of the four rare states in the USA that charge their own road tax from the commercially traveling vehicles in their states. All the commercial vehicle owners traveling interstate or intrastate in Kentucky with a gross registered vehicle weight of 60,000 pounds and more have to register themselves for Kentucky Permits and pay the Kentucky filing quarterly. And although the state of Kentucky is authorized to charge its own road tax, you also have to register for other federal taxes and trucking permits, like USDOT. The impeccable services of Global Multi Services will help you get all these permits in no time.


The Kentucky Weight Distance Tax Permit is abbreviated as the Kentucky KYU Permit. As stated in the previous section, all the commercial vehicles that travel through Kentucky, and those registered in Kentucky, weighing the gross vehicle weight of more than 60,000 lbs, are entitled to register for this permit and get a Kentucky KYU Number.

If you are a fleet owner, a single KYU license applies to all your vehicles. And you do not have to display your KYU Number on your vehicles, as its enforcement could be verified through your US DOT number. But in case you operate a leased vehicle, and the lessor pays KYU taxes and holds the KYU account, you need to display your KYU Number along with your DOT number.

For a quick KYU Registration, you should have the following list of documents and information handy:

  • Active USDOT and FMCSA Permit
  • Filed UCR
  • Active IRP account with the base jurisdiction
  • Active IFTA account with the base jurisdiction


If you travel through the state of Kentucky for commercial purposes occasionally and not regularly, then you could apply for a Temporary Kentucky KYU Permit at a minimal fee of $85. And in this case, you won’t be liable to pay quarterly taxes.


Those registering for a permanent Kentucky KYU Permit also have to sign a Kentucky Surety Bond. This Kentucky Surety Bond will cover your due taxes in any unfortunate event where you fail to pay taxes to the state of Kentucky, and you will still be liable for reimbursement later. The amount of the Kentucky Surety Bond depends on the number of vehicles of the concerned vehicle category you own.


The Kentucky Permit taxes are paid quarterly, and they are usually due until the last date of the month following the end month of the respective quarter. They are usually calculated as the product of the number of miles one runs on the state highways of Kentucky and the mileage tax rate. And very often, Kentucky Filing is a very annoying and hectic process. But if you have opted for Global Multi Services’ services, you do not have to worry about anything. The more than 15 years of experience of Global Multi Services in providing Kentucky Permits and Kentucky Filing has made us one of the best trucking services and trucking permit providers.