MC Authority or trucking authority is a permission trucking companies should take from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for transporting goods on public roads.

All companies require DOT number and MC number if they operate as for-hire, transport federal regulated commodities, or transport passengers in interstate commerce. Multiple application forms and complex filing process to obtain MC authority can be confusing as well as time consuming. So Global Multi Services is here to facilitate this process.


We have experienced professionals who can help you with licensing and registration, interstate and intrastate authorities, and more to start your own trucking company. Our experts also assist you in getting your truck on the road by:

  • Filing your DOT number, which is required for all the vehicles with a CMV of more than 10,000 pounds and issued instantly after application. The USDOT number is the tracking number of your trucking company and registers the number of driver, trucks, and the safety ratings of your organization.
  • Applying for proper DOT authority and obtaining the MC number, which is also issued immediately but isn’t valid until all the steps are completed. The FMCSA charges a non-refundable fee of $300 for each authority application.
  • Submitting Form BOC-3, which is a process agent filing. Process agents are people designated in each state to accept legal documents on your behalf and then return them to you in your home state. These agents are imperative for federal authority. It is also suggested to obtain liability and cargo insurance for your vehicle within the first two weeks after filing your MC number to avoid delay in processing. If you fail to obtain insurance within 60 days, your MC authority application will be dismissed.
  • Filing the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) with your home states and registering your organization to operate within all participating states. The registration fee is based on your vehicle size, which starts from $76 for 0-2 CMV along with a minimal credit card processing fee.
  • Applying for intrastate operating authority in the state where you will be operating. It is required only if you will by transporting loads within the state.
  • Filing necessary forms to operate within states that don’t participate in UCR.

Obtaining MC authority is not a simple process. So, let our experts help you to do this task promptly and also provide you as much information as possible regarding this process. Our company makes sure that your motor carriers have everything required to be in full compliance with the US department of transportation.