The Standard Carrier Alpha Code is a standardized system that assigns unique two to four-letter codes to trucking companies. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association developed the code in the late 1960s to computerize information and records in the transportation industry. The SCAC code at the customs entry to locate important information and shipment documents on a computer system when dealing with many freight companies. These include the bill of lading, freight bill, packing list, purchase order, and many more. Some motor carriers will not allow you to pull their freight unless you have a SCAC code.

How Global Multi Services Help You TO Obtain SCAC Code?

Global Multi Services can help you to obtain your code within one day if you have all the requirements. We will help you take care of all the necessary information and documentation. Our experienced team will handle the registration process and get it done hassle-free.

How To apply?

SCAC Code application can be filled and submitted on the National Motor Freight Traffic Association website, via mail, or in place. An application fee of about $66 is required. Motor carriers also need to pay a fee every year for SCAC Code renewal.

PAPS and PARS Number

The Pre-Arrival Processing System is a Shipment Controlled Number assigned to motor carriers that require pre-arrival clearance. It has a unique barcode label that carriers attach to their shipping invoice and truck e-Manifest. The number also contains the Standard Carrier Alpha Code, entry number, and Pro-Bill number. The SCAC and Pro-Bill must be less than 16 characters without space or dashes.

The Pre-arrival Review System contains a carrier code and a unique shipment number. This PARS number identifies both the carrier and the shipment to the Canada Border Service Agency when reporting and releasing documents.