If you belong to the world of professional trucking, you might already be aware of the term IRP (International Registration Plan) or IRP Plates. But if you have just stepped into this world and never heard this term, we are here to help you with IRP’s nitty-gritty. IRP is a reciprocal agreement established between the US and Canada in 1994. It serves the purpose of facilitating apportioned fees collection from a vehicle traveling in two or more states. The fees mostly vary across states and can be calculated based on the mileage covered in a specific jurisdiction and the vehicle’s weight. In today’s scenario, the truckers don’t have to pay taxes to each jurisdiction in their way. All they have to do is to register in their base state, and the officials will take care of the rest.


You might have discovered that how much calculations or math is required in the paperwork of IRP. It takes a lot of time to check, re-check, or to figure out the errors because they can lead to unexpected penalties and fines.

At Global Multi Services, we aim to provide you error-free reports, that too, on time. Our sophisticated software can assist you in tracking expenses, dispatches, invoices, maintenance records, mileage reports, driver pay, and the reports and payments of IRP and IFTA. All you need to do is enter the required information in our software and drive on the road without worries or hassles. Moreover, our software is also reinforced with an incredible feature that allows you to access your information from any computer at any time.

So, approach us to get rid of all kinds of worries and hassles associated with IRP or IRP Plates. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions and services.


IRP Registration of your truck is a one-step process. It would help your vehicle to get an IRP Apportioned License Plates. Since the registration information like the criteria and fees varies from state to state, you need to reach out to your base jurisdiction, province, or state to know more about it.

The state registration fees for the apportioned IRP Plates are calculated on the basis of your base state, the states included in your route, and gross vehicle weight. Basically, a truck with a gross vehicle weight of 80,000 lbs, and above, with 48 lower states registered under their license will have to pay a fee of $1,500-$2,000. However, this amount may change depending on your base state.

Vehicles for which you want an IRP Registration should adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Have a power unit with two axles and a GVW of over 26,000 lbs, or
  • Have a power unit with three or more axles, irrespective of the weight, or
  • Weigh over 26,000 lbs when combined with GVW.


As IRP is applicable in 48 US states, Canadian Provinces, and Districts of Columbia, different states of the US have a different set of rules for New IRP Carriers, and Global Multi Services deals in all IRP registration regardless of your state or base Jurisdiction. Following is a list of some Documents that are mutually required by all the states for the registration of IRP New Carrier:

  • Documentation of the Established Place of Business.
  • Payment Proof or Exemption of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (FHVUT)
  • Evidence of International Fuel Tax Registration (IFTA)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification
  • An Updated version of The US Department of Transportation Number (USDOT)
  • TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number- It could either be the Social Security Number (SSN) or The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • The vehicles that you are applying for registration for should not have any per-existing law enforcement violation or Vehicle License & Tilting Stops.

In case that you are applying for registration on a lease agreement with one, or more than one, owner-operator then you also have to provide a copy of the lease agreement. And In case you are applicable, you require authorization for Registration Service Agent Representation.


You could request IRP Vehicle Weight Increase of your registered Vehicle any time in a year, but you cannot request for Vehicle Weight Increase if your Gross Vehicle Weight already exceeds the Maximum Weight Limit allowed by your IRP Base Jurisdiction. Plus the option for IRP Vehicle Weight Increase is only on select vehicles of a fleet.

The additional fees of your Vehicle Weight Increase will be calculated and collected for the remaining months of your registered year by your base jurisdiction. And you must pay the Additional weight increase fee for the remaining months in the registration year, as the invoice of your Registered year will just show the fees for the Vehicle’s original weight.


Just like Vehicle Weight Increase, you could request for IRP Vehicle Weight Decrease any time in a year, and it is also available only on selected vehicles of a fleet. But the following states allow Vehicle Weight Decrease only in the coming Registration year and not in the ongoing Registration Year: California, Ohio, South Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, and South Dakota.



It is essential to Replace License Plates if they are damaged, stolen, lost, or made illegible in any way. Global Multi Services provides swift replacement services.

Here are the steps to replace your license plate:
  • Complete an application form on the Department of Motor Vehicles website.
  • Police report if the license plate was lost or stolen.
  • Surrender any copy of the license plate in your possession to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • A substitute license plate is issued with a new configuration if your plate was stolen or lost.
  • A duplicate license plate will be issued if you have special plates.


Replacing your Cab Card requires an application process but do not worry, we got you. Global Multi Services is here to assist you with all the processing. Contact us today to obtain a supplement cab card in no time. After processing, an applicable mailing fee will be charged and sent to the registrant or registrant’s authorized agent if the hard copy is requested by mail. But Cab Card sent by email address will not be charged.


Replacing your License Stickers is mandatory in instances of damage, loss, and other illegibility conditions. You need to request for replacement License Sticker by submitting a completed Application and fees to your local Department of Motor Vehicle office. You may obtain a replacement month sticker at no cost from your local DMV or by contacting Global Multi Services. We will help process your registration post-haste.


Motor carriers registered under the International Registration Plan obtain weight decal as written in Article V, Section 502 of the IRP. The decal is issued for each power unit and displayed on an apportioned plate​. It also designates the gross vehicle weight of the motor carrier registered in its base jurisdiction. If you need weight decal replacement due to loss, damage, or stolen, Global Multi Services will aptly help you process Weight Decal Credentials. Just like all the other replacement credentials services we offer.


Commercial Vehicle Registration Act registered vehicles are issued year stickers. The sticker is added on both the right and left sides of the motor carriers. Trucking companies that have increased or decreased their fleet weight by adding or removing vehicles from their fleet must replace their Weight Year Sticker. Global Multi Services will aptly help you process your Weight Year Sticker.


You could apply for IRP Vehicle Addition in your fleet any time at the Motor Carrier Service (MCS) Section office of your city in your base Jurisdiction. Or you could apply through MCS licensed tag and title service, like Global Multi Services. The documents that you might require to apply for IRP Vehicle Addition are following:

  • Proof of Federal Tax Payment
  • Lease Agreement
  • US Department of Transportation or USDOT Number

And, in case you are a user of Apportioned Registration Plates, then might also need to submit a Surety Bond.


You could delete any vehicle of your fleet at any time of the registration year. But, you should have those vehicles deleted that you want to remove for good from your fleet. And please remember, getting a vehicle removed does not cancel its plate, it just separates the vehicle from the fleet.


Just as the Vehicle Addition and Deletion, you can also avail the services of IRP Vehicle Addition With Replacement any time in a year. You just have to submit the IRP Vehicle Replacement Form of your Base Jurisdiction and the original Cab Card of the vehicle that you are replacing.


For IRP Cab Card Correction, the Fleet owner must report or notify the department within 10 days about the changes or correction. An important thing to note is that the new Cab Cards might not be issued for address change. And the notification for the Cab Card Correction must be made in writing. But you do not have to worry about any of this as you would have the expert assistance of Global Multi Services always by your side.