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Did you just buy a new truck and wondering how to transfer the title of the truck? Or your truck Title Transfer process is taking so long and you don’t know what to do. Well, you are in the right place and we have answers to all your questions.

It is the process of changing the title of ownership of your vehicle to your current name or the name of the buyer. It is a document that proves the legal owner of a vehicle.

Title Only is often issued by the country clerks for trailers and other types of vehicle that does not require registration. This is achievable provided the applicant has all the required documents that show proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Title Transfer is a mandatory process required by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the United State when a vehicle owner changes their name or buys a new vehicle. Read on as Global Multi Services takes us through the process of obtaining title transfer.

How To Transfer Vehicle Title

The process is very easy and varies from one state to another. Therefore, you need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicle in their state to know their specific requirements.

The Department of Motor Vehicle in your state might ask you to complete two or more forms and also provide some documents. The documents include proof of identification, residence documents such as utility bills, and many more.

It is important to research the Title Transfer requirements of the state before purchasing a truck or other vehicle from a seller. For example, New York often requires a Bill of Sale to approve the transfer and it must be signed by both the buyer and seller. Pennsylvania on the other hand requires notarizing the signature of both the buyer and seller before transfer approval.

The website of the Department of Motor Vehicle in most states often has all information regarding the process and provides downloadable title forms. Some also allow applicants to mail their forms and required documents to the department office


Deadlines vary from state to state but many states require filing title transfer applications within 30 days of purchase. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to an additional fee on the title transfer fee.

The process of obtaining the title is relatively seamless provided you have all the required documents and follow the required steps. This includes obtaining the Bill of Sale, the signature of both buyer and seller, Notarization of documents, and many more. Additionally, most states issue a new title within two weeks of application.


Here are some of the documents required by the Department of Motor Vehicle:
  • Filled Application Form, signed by applicant and seller and possibly notarized.
  • Vehicle proof of insurance coverage
  • Insurance Policy Documents including Name and Date.
  • Vehicle Documents provided by the Seller including title and a Bill of Sale.
  • Proof of identification from government or driver’s license.


Many transactions that go on when purchasing a vehicle and one of them is the transfer of ownership. But what exactly is Title Transfer? It is a legal document that holds all the vehicle details and also proves the buyer’s ownership.

The title is important because it establishes the buyer as the legal owner of the vehicle and ensures all legal liabilities of the vehicle are transferred to the buyer. Title transfer is different from Title only, which is issued to vehicles that are not required to be registered. Wondering what you need to.

The certificate of ownership contains all the personal information of the buyer and the vehicle. These include license plate number, Vehicle Identification Number, car description, buyer’s name, buyer’s address, and many more.

It is important to know that all the information needs to be very accurate if you want the title to be valid. This is because nothing can be changed once the title is issued. Unless the vehicle is sold or donated.  If the title has more than one name, all parties must sign before the vehicle can be sold. Read on as Global Multi Services takes us through why Title Transfer is necessary.

Title Transfer Requirements

Title Documents

When changing vehicle ownership, all the original titles should be signed by the seller before reassigning it to the owner.  The buyer should also provide detailed information about the change of ownership.

The information includes the purchasing price, odometer reading, date of purchase, full name, and address. We can help you take care of all this process at Global Multi Services. All you need to do is to get the right signatures.

Insurance Details

Proper documentation about the proof of insurance for the new owner must be provided before a vehicle title can be transferred permanently. The signed title must also be included. Without these essential documents, Title Transfer will not be processed.

License Information

The Title Transfer documents must also contain a copy of the buyer’s driver’s license. The new owner can continue to use the vehicle license plate if both the buyer and seller are living in the same state.

Other Requirements

Other documentation might be required depending on the state the Title Transfer is done. The state may ask for the following documentation:-

  • Notification by an attorney
  • Duplicate of the original title
  • Sign-over title
  • Bill of sale or invoice

Title Only Requirements

Before submitting your Title Only application form, you have to state why you are applying for a Title Only. You will also be asked to submit documents that prove you are the owner of the vehicle. The required documents also vary depending on the applicant’s reason for applying for a Title Only. Here are reasons you can apply for a Title Only:-

  • Out of state repossession
  • Sale of vehicle confiscated by the government agency
  • Vehicle not required to be registered
  • Insurance company settlement
  • Out of state buyer
  • Sales of the vehicle donated to Non-profit organization
  • Out of state IRP Registration


I know how jaunty it feels to buy your own vehicle, whether it is a simple car or a truck. But buying a vehicle is not that easy, as someone might think it is just a simple give and take of money. To buy a vehicle, especially if you are buying a per-owned vehicle, a lot of paperwork and documentation need to be done, for a successful transfer. And such documentation needed to be done to get legit ownership of a vehicle is termed as Title Transfer. This blog is dedicated to providing you information regarding the process of Title Transfer, what does Title only and Partial Year Registration mean, and how you could utilize the services of Global Multi Services for a quick and genuine Title Transfer.

How to Transfer a Title

Having a Title Transferred is not a complex process, but it’s not very easy either. You could gather a lot of information about Title Transfer on the internet like I am giving in this blog, but there is no option to file a Title Transfer online, for that you have to go to your state’s DMV office and file that in person or you could take the help of Global Multi Services. Still, I am going to list the documents essential for a Title Transfer, following:

  • A signed, notarized, completely, and properly filed Title Transfer application.
  • Proof of the vehicle’s insurance coverage.
  • A document of sale and all other documents provided by the seller.
  • The insurance policy along with your name and sign.
  • Driving license
  • Title Transfer fee and additional fees, in case you want an instant transfer.

If you are Transferring the Title from your spouse’s name to yours, or are inheriting it in any other way, you need to provide probate along with the court’s certification.

As a buyer you might have to pay a late fee if you don’t get your Title Transferred within 30 days of its purchase.

Title Only

This section of the blog particularly concerns the truckers and trucking businesses, because Title Only services are usually for trailers, which does not require a transfer of registration but the Title Only. And the Title Only transfer further depends on the fact that whether the Trailer is going to be used for commercial purposes or not, and what is its weight category. In the registration process further, there are two kinds of registrations. One is registration on a lease, which could be for 1 to 5 years, and the other is permanent registration which is lifelong.

The non-commercial trailers with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 lbs will be charged differently, for temporary and permanent registration, then the non-commercial trailers which have a gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 lbs.

Partial Year Registration

The concept of Partial Year Registration is just to give flexibility to the consumers. As there used to be instances where the people do not want long-term ownership, so Partial Year Registration provides registration for any duration between 1-12 months. Those vehicles or pickups that weigh an unladen weight of 8,000 lbs and a gross vehicle weight of 10,001 lbs or less, have to pay a full registration fee along with a vehicle license, county, prorated unladen weight, and Partial Registration fees. The vehicles which weigh more than 10,001 lbs have to give the Cargo Theft Interdiction Program (CTIP) document, Commercial Vehicle Registration Act (CVRA) document, and the CVRA Decal fees, along with the prior document.

How Global Multi Services can help YOU

Global Multi Services have proficient and skilled experts for all kinds of Trucking services. Filing for Title Transfer is a very delicate process, and one wrong documentation could ruin the whole filing process, hence Global Multi Services will help you file the aptest Title Transfer, Title Only, and Partial Year Registration Documents.