The trucking industry is one of the largest industries in the United States of America and contributes immensely to the country’s economy. 70% of freight moved in the country is through the trucking industry which has over seven million employees. Without this industry, the country will experience food, and fuel shortages, while the manufacturers will lose revenue and short down within few days. These have made the trucking industry an integral part of the economy.  The trucking industry has over three million truck drivers. To employ the best driver, trucking companies often use the EPN Number.

The Employer Pull Notice is a program that allows trucking companies and government organizations to track the driving records of drivers who drive for them. The EPN Program ensures that each driver has a valid license and other required documents. Truck drivers also have long working hours and stay away from their loved ones, especially the Over-The-Road drivers.  The career can be very demanding but, if you enjoy driving, then it is worth exploring. It is also imperative to do thorough research and have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of becoming a truck driver before choosing it as a career path. To get started, Global Multi Services takes us through some important facts about the trucking career everyone should know.

THE CAREER IS DEMANDING and epn number is necessary

Truck drivers drive for many hours every day and sometimes stay away from their families for days or weeks. These can be hard on them physically and mentally. Stress is also an inevitable part of driving a truck. Truck drivers experience stress when they spend long hours in traffic, finding the right location, avoiding reckless drivers on the road while trying to meet their deadline. The stress of being away from home, and trying to stay in compliance to have a good record on the EPN is often hard to handle. They experience a lot but, the best way to handle the stress is by taking it in strides.


Truck drivers adapt to a lot of things. They travel across many states with different cultures, food, lifestyle, and many more. To enjoy your career as a truck driver, you need to learn and adapt to many things. It might be tough to make a change but, sometimes it is the best thing to do.


As a truck driver, you will be dealing with many people, and communication is the only way to handle and manage them. Therefore, you need to learn how to communicate well with your customers, dispatchers, mechanics, other drivers on the road, and many more.


Truck driving comes with a lot of responsibilities. Before you become a professional truck driver, you need to obtain your commercial driver’s license. You will have drug and alcohol testing, safety training, and many more. Trucking companies also track your driving record using the EPN Number to ensure you stay compliant and beneficial to their company.  Employer Pull Notice exposes hazardous drivers and bad driving behavior. It also reduces traffic accidents which decreases the company’s liability.