Truck Permits & Plates Bakersfield

Truck Permits & Plates Bakersfield

Traveling in and out of Bakersfield city for commercial motor carriers requires truck permits from the City of Bakersfield Department of Motor Vehicles. Failure to follow the city regulations can lead to fines and penalties. Global Multi Services provides truck permit services in Bakersfield. Your permit will get to you, when necessary, and without error

Truck Plates in Bakersfield

A truck plate shows a trucking company has registered with the necessary department in the United States to operate commercially. Applying for truck plates in Bakersfield implies obtaining all the mandated allocated plates for staying legally in the city. Global Multi Services, a company situated in Stockton, has been committed to helping trucking companies apply for their truck plates in Bakersfield.

How Global Multi Services Help To Obtain Truck Permit and Truck plates?

Global Multi Services has a team of experts who will help improve your fuel tax report procedure. We want to liberate you from the pointless stress of renewing your truck permits and truck plates. We will assist you by making the whole procedure look basic. Let us handle your truck permit application and concentrate on other fundamental parts of your trucking business.

Truck Permit and Truck Plates for Trucking Companies

IFTA Permit

IFTA permit is essential for all motor carriers operating in Bakersfield and other states. It was established to simplify fuel tax reporting for motor carriers operating in multiple states. At Global Multi-Services, we have specialized equipment for dealing with a wide range of administrative work. We can assist you with IFTA account setup, fuel tax recording, and report imposes according to the rules of IFTA. Our software makes it simple to help trucking companies report their fuel tax in Bakersfield promptly. Connect with us today to grow your business while operating legally.

IRP Plates

IRP plate in Bakersfield is mandatory for commercial vehicles operating intrastate and interstate. The International Registration Plan incorporates the operation of interstate motor carriers under a single registration plate and registration certificate issued by their base state. Global Multi Services has helped many trucking companies acquire their IRP and other truck licenses in Bakersfield. We are the best in the industry, and our services are fast, reliable, and error-free.

DOT Number

The state of California requires their intrastate commercial vehicles to obtain a DOT Number to travel across Bakersfield. The DOT Number serves as a unique number for collecting and monitoring trucking company’s safety information acquired during compliance reviews, crash investigations, and inspections. Applying for a DOT number often takes time with a lot of paperwork. But with Global Multi-Services, you can get it faster.

CA Number

The CA Number is one of the prerequisites for operating in the transportation business in the United States. The number shows a trucking company has registered with the Department of Motor Vehicle and is eligible to operate in the state. Get your truck on the road in no time with the help of Global Multi Services.