Truck Permits & Plates Sacramento

Truck Permits & Plates Sacramento

Trucking companies operating commercially across the city of Sacramento are required to register and obtain their truck permit to stay compliant. The State of California Department of Motor Vehicle introduced truck permits to maintain and ensure the safety of the city roads. Truck permit is issued to motor carriers by the City Police and California Highway Patrol. Operating in the city of Sacramento without a permit may lead to a hefty fine.


Truck plates are an indication that a motor carrier has legal permission to operate on commercial roads in Sacramento. Motor carriers traveling without a registered truck plate in Sacramento may face penalties.


Global Multi Services ensures truck stays on the road by helping trucking companies obtain their Sacramento truck permit. Our team of experts gives you detailed requirement and help you process your truck permit without error. Helping our customers stay legal and active is our priority. Whether you are just starting a new trucking company in Sacramento or an established trucking company, Global Multi Services will help you simplify the process of obtaining your truck permit.


IRP Plate

The International Registration Plan is an agreement between the Canadian provinces and the 48 contagious states in the United States that allows the trucking companies to operate across state lines. Trucking companies operating in Sacramento need to file for their IRP plates to travel multiple jurisdictions without restriction. Global Multi Services provides the fastest and easiest way to obtain your IRP Plate in Sacramento. Allow us to do the tough job for you with the utmost speed.

DOT Number

The DOT number is a unique identification number issued to trucking companies by the United States Department of Transportation to monitor the company’s safety practices. Trucking companies transporting hazardous and non-hazardous materials interstate are required to obtain a DOT number. Motor carriers operating in the city of Sacramento must have an official DOT Number. Global Multi Services help trucking companies with their DOT Numbers. We have what it takes to complete all the processing systematically, allowing you to operate legally in the city.

IFTA Permit

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement between the Distinct of Columbia, the provinces of Canada, and the 48 states of the United States that simplifies the reporting of fuel use taxes by interstate motor carriers. IFTA permits are mandatory for trucking companies willing to operate interstate in the United States. Trucking companies in Sacramento must obtain their IFTA permit in Sacramento to stay in compliance and travel interstate. Global Multi Services will help get an IFTA permit in Sacramento without stress. We will also help set up your IFTA account to report your quarterly fuel tax.

MC Authority

MC Authority is the operating authority issued to trucking companies by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Trucking companies based in Sacramento must obtain their MC Authority to operate legally. Global Multi Services team of experts can help you get your MC Authority and its environs.