Truck Permits & Plates San Jose

Truck Permits & Plates San Jose

Every motor carrier working in the United States needs to follow specific rules and regulations given to the trucking industry. These include obtaining their truck permits and license. Adhering to these guidelines can spare you from the legitimate punishment and fine. Global Multi Services help trucking companies in San Jose acquire truck permits without delay. Our goal is to work in the interest of the customer and provide satisfaction.

Truck Plates San Jose

Transporting passengers and freight around the United States and Canadian provinces with truck plates is mandatory. Motor carriers traveling in, and outside San Jose should have the required truck plates to avoid paying fines. Global Multi Services have the experience and expertise needed to obtain your truck plate hassle-free. We will ensure your truck plates are complete and accurate.

How Global Multi Services Help to Obtain Truck Permits and Truck Plates in San Jose?

Global Multi Services team of professionals is well-versed with all the formalities of obtaining truck permits and truck plates. We have been providing permit services to trucking companies for many years. Our experts will go extra mile to ensure the processing is smooth and hassles. We specialize in making truck plates and truck permit applications fast. We serve our clients in San Jose and other cities in California.

Types of Truck Permits and Truck Plates

IRP Plates

The International Registration Plan is an agreement that authorizes the registration of commercial motor vehicles traveling interstate. The plan allows interstate operations under a single registration plate issued by the base jurisdiction. Motor carriers need to register in their base state and pay an apportioned fees based on distance operated in participating jurisdiction. Global Multi Services is committed to helping motor carriers obtain IRP plates in San Jose. We will help you complete all the paperwork in a speedy time.

IFTA Permit

Motor carriers registered in San Jose and operating in the United States need to acquire an IFTA permit in San Jose. The International Fuel Agreement allows commercial vehicles to operate inter-jurisdictional using a single fuel tax license. The permit enables them to pass through the states in the US and Canadian provinces without paying fuel tax in every state. They will report and pay fuel taxes for their fuel consumption across states in their base state. Global Multi Services help motor carriers handle their IFTA account and fuel tax report.

CA Number

Trucking companies are required to get CA Number Permit in San Jose. The CA number is an enrollment number that indicates a motor carrier has registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles in its State. The Number is issued through the Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. Motor carriers must register and complete a Motor Carrier Profile which is sent to the California Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Safety Unit. Applying for your CA Number should not be stressful. Global Multi-Services will process your application with the utmost accuracy and speed. We are always ready to assist trucking companies with all the required truck permits and licenses.