Truck Permits & Plates Yuba City

Truck Permits & Plates Yuba City

The United States government uses truck permits to collect tax from trucking companies operating interstate commerce according to the distance covered and fuel consumed by their trucks while traveling across the country’s highway. Every state in the country also has laid down taxes for motor carriers. Therefore, obtaining your truck permits in Yuba City is necessary.

Truck Plates Yuba City

Trucking companies in Yuba City, California, need to obtain truck plates to operate legally. The application process often takes days or weeks because of its requirements and hefty paperwork.
Global Multi Services can make your truck plate processing less complex in Yuba City. We will help you obtain your IRP Plate and other plates within a brief period.

How Global Multi Services Help Obtain Truck Permit and Truck Plates in Yuba City?

Global Multi Services help trucking companies in Yuba City obtain their truck plate and truck permit without lifting a finger. We have a team of dedicated experts always ready to take the burden off our clients. We will help you stay compliant and expand your business by completing your truck permit application for you. Our sophisticated software will calculate your fuel consumption and mileage covered in each member jurisdiction easily.

Different Types of Truck Permit and Truck Plates

IFTA Permits

Moto carriers based in Yuba City and travel interstate need an IFTA permit in Yuba City. The International Fuel Tax Agreement between the Canadian provinces and the lower contagious states of the United States. It is used to make fuel tax reporting by motor carriers traveling across IFTA jurisdiction easier. Motor carriers with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 26,001 pounds and above also need to obtain an IFTA permit. Getting in touch with a truck permitting company like Global Multi Services will help you with all your permit applications and processing.

IRP Plates

Trucking companies in Yuba City and working in different states and provinces must obtain IRP plates in Yuba City to avoid fines. The International Registration Plan is a harmony set apart between the 48 states of the United States and Canadian provinces. The plan facilitates apportioned fees collection from motor careers traveling in two or more member states. Motor carriers must register in their base state and pay an apportioned fee. The fees vary across states and are calculated based on the mileage covered in a specific jurisdiction and the vehicle’s weight. IRP Registration helps you get an IRP Apportioned License Plates for your truck. At Global Multi-Services, we help track your mileage coverage and also provide error-free reports.

DOT Number

The DOT number is a unique identification number given to companies by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to monitor the company’s safety and compliance record. Motor carriers driving through the roads of the United States are required to obtain the DOT number in their base jurisdiction. Global Multi Services has the tools and information needed to file your DOT Number Permit in Yuba City. We will help you handle all the paperwork and get your permit on time.