Truck Permits & Plates Hayward

Truck Permits & Plates Hayward

Motor carriers driving through the Hayward Road must obtain truck permits as specified in the California Vehicle Code. The city has the right to execute penalties on motor carriers that fail to follow its regulations. The permits are issued to prove the motor carrier’s registration with the necessary bodies. Global Multi Services help trucking companies with all the required paperwork to obtain their truck permit. Our experience and expertise have kept us in the industry for many years.

Truck Plates Hayward

Trucking companies need to apply and obtain truck plates to transport freight and passenger across two or more states in the United States. The truck plate has a registered number that indicates the motor carrier has registered in its base jurisdiction. Let Global Multi Services get all your trucking plates for you. Our staffs are well trained and experts in the field. We will help you save your money, time, and energy.

How Global Multi Services Help Obtain Truck Plates and Truck Permits?

Global Multi Services have many years of experience with truck permits and truck plates and processing across the United States. Our skilled staff can handle everything that your trucking company needs. We ensure our customers stay compliant to avoid costly fines and are up to date with new regulations. We will monitor and completes your renewals for IRP Plates, IFTA Permits, DOT Number, and other applicable Authority Permits.

DIFFERENT Truck Permits and Truck Plates Trucking Companies Need to Obtain in Hayward

IRP Plates

The International Registration Plan plate is an agreement that allows motor carriers to operate across the US and Canadian provinces. It promotes the transportation of goods and passengers internationally. Trucking companies need to register in their base state and pay an apportioned fee-based o distance travel in each jurisdiction to obtain their IRP Plates. Get in touch with Global Multi Services for your IRP Plates application in Hayward. We are experts at helping trucking companies obtain their IRP Plates quickly and efficiently. We will take care of all your paperwork and provide the IRP Plates for you quickly.

IFTA Permits

The IFTA permits in Hayward are obtained by trucking companies based in Hayward and operating interstate. The International Fuel Tax Agreement is an international agreement signed between the 48 contagious states of the US and Canadian provinces to simplify fuel tax reporting of motor carriers operating across state lines. Applying for IFTA permits in Hayward allows motor carriers to travel across the Canadian provinces and the US without stopping to pay fuel tax and reporting fuel consumption and mileage covered in each state. Global Multi Services will help manage your fuel data and mileage covered in each jurisdiction. We will also file your quarterly fuel tax report without error.

DOT Number And MC Authority

Trucking companies should have a DOT Number and MC Authority for successful operation in Hayward. The DOT number is issued to trucking companies performing interstates operations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to keep information about their crashes, violations, and other activities. Trucking companies that operate as for hire, transport passengers, and hazardous materials in interstate commerce need MC Authority. Global Multi Services can help you choose the best authority for your trucking business. We will also help you get all the requirements to obtain your DOT Number and MC Authority.