MC Number And DOT Number: Know the Difference Between Them

October 2, 2020by admin0Dot NumberMC AuthorityUSDOT Number


MC Number And DOT Number: Know the Difference Between Them

October 2, 2020 by admin0Dot NumberMC AuthorityUSDOT Number

Dot Number and Motor Carrier (MC) Numbers are prerequisites to starting your own trucking company. However, most people find these two regulations too complex to understand. They are unable to figure out if their company needs one, both, or none as getting something that we don’t need can waste our money. If you’re also trying to determine what you really need, you need to follow these general rules:

  • For interstate commerce, you need both the DOT Number and the MC Number.
  • For intrastate commerce, you need only a DOT Number.
  • To haul your own property or construction equipment, you need only a DOT Number.
  • To haul someone else’s property while working for hire, you need DOT as well as MC Number.

What is a DOT Number?

A DOT Number serves as a driver’s license for your trucking company. It is often used to verify that you’re commercially using a vehicle to haul your own products or move equipment with a qualified CMV.

What is an MC Number?

MC Number or operating authority is required if you are planning to work-for-hire in interstate commerce or haul hazardous products.

The MC Number is more expensive as compared to the DOT Number.

There are various types of trucking authority, including:
  • Motor Carrier of Household Goods
  • Motor Carrier of Property
  • Broker of Household Goods
  • Broker of Property

Since FMSCA doesn’t offer refunds in case you apply for the wrong authority type, it may cost you a lot. So, you must consult with experts to figure out the kind of authority you require.

Final Words

Not knowing the differences between DOT and MC can trouble your trucking company. A plethora of rules and exceptions make it hard for owners to determine whether to get a USDOT Number, an MC Number, or both.

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