Oregon PUC Permit: Safety Tips For Truckers While Driving

June 4, 2021 by adminOregon FilingOregon PermitOregon PUC Permit

Safety is one of the most important focuses when it comes to the trucking industry. Research has shown that many accidents that occur could be prevented by following simple safety precautions. As truck drivers, there are certain rules and regulations you need to adhere to every day to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Driving a truck is not an easy task, not to mention making a long trip. It takes discipline, commitment, and passion to be a good driver therefore, it is always good to follow the laid down rules to avoid possible disruption. Read on as Global Multi Services, a company that helps truckers obtain permits such as Oregon PUC Permit and also process Oregon Filing takes us through truck safety tips to keep you safe during transportation.

Check Your Brakes

The brake system is one of the most important components of the truck. It is the heart of the truck and without it the truck is useless. The brakes are also subjected to a lot of wear and tear therefore, improper inspection is often required.

Wear A SeatBelt

According to the survey, one out of six truck drivers does not wear a seat belt while driving. Wearing a seat belt regularly is one of the simplest safety measures you can take. Some drivers believe wearing a seat belt won’t make a difference in their safety when driving at a low speed. But wearing a seat belt is not just about the speed, it is also about out-of-control circumstances that can risk your safety.

Seatbelts make a huge difference by reducing the risk of injuries in any type of accident no matter the speed. It also saves lives in major accidents, therefore, wearing your seatbelt should be the first thing you do when you get into your truck.

Avoid Drinking

Driving for a long time can sometimes be stressful and boring, and you might want to grab some beer but you have to remember that your safety comes first. Taking alcohol can lead to inebriation and also put your life and the life of other people on the road at risk. Therefore avoid consuming any type of alcohol before and when you are driving.

Take All Document

Make sure you have all the documents that are required for your motor carrier including your permits such as Oregon PUC Permit, license, insurance, and other documents required for operating as a commercial motor carrier. Many truck drivers might forget this because they already have many shipping documents to worry about but it is also very important. Without the documents, you might not be able to enter some states.

For example, you can not travel through Oregon without obtaining an Oregon Permit, and failure to obtain it is a serious offense that can lead to a hefty penalty. At Global Multi-Services, we understand the importance of the Oregon Permit, that is why we help trucking companies to obtain it within a short time. Our team of experts will also help you process your Oregon Filing faster and post-haste.